Strategy9's annual email marketing survey for the casino industry

Survey Progress

Welcome to Strategy9's 2016 Casino Email Marketing Survey!

    We appreciate your participation in our survey, and look forward to sharing the results with you in our "State of Casino Email Marketing" report once the results have been analyzed. We hope that by sharing the anonymous results with you we'll help you better understand what (if any) you can do differently with your email marketing program to improve your results. As well, your anonymous answers can also help us all understand how we're doing.

    As a very small thank-you, if you'd like to be entered into a draw for a $100 Amazon® gift card be sure to answer "Yes" to the final question in the survey.

    Thanks again,

Which casino department is responsible for your email marketing program?

What is the current size of your email database? (# of addresses)

How many staff members work on your email marketing campaigns (database, creative, programming, analysis, etc.)? (select one)

Who creates your email creative? (select all that apply)

How often do you communicate via email with your players? (select one)

How do you segment your players? (select all that apply)

For email campaigns, do you send different offers to different players in a single campaign? (select one)

Do you send out individual email offers to players (ie: Birthday offers, Anniversary offers)

Do you send marketing email that includes specific variables? (ie: current points available, current club status, etc.) (select one)

How often do you update your patron database with results from email campaigns? (ie: bad addresses, etc.) (select one)

How many separate email campaigns do you send a month (ie: birthday email campaign, hotel offer campaign, etc.)

How many total emails do you send per month?

Are you happy with your current response levels from your email marketing program? (select one)

What metrics are important to you?

Who performs your email marketing analysis?

Who performs your email marketing analysis?

Do you use any of the following?

Do you send triggered or transactional email?

What other internet channels do you employ in your marketing strategy?

Have you ever had difficulty getting your email delivered (ie: blacklists, spam folder, junk folder, etc.)

Which languages do you use with outbound email other than English?

Do you wish to be entered in to our drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card?

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