There is more to casino email marketing
than just sending email.

Your casino email needs to hit the right customer, with the right offer, at the right time.

With EmailIQ and the experts at Strategy9, you can feel confident knowing we understand your business,
and that we can work seamlessly with your teams from marketing, I.T., analytics, and the casino floor.

When you're working with Strategy9, you're working with casino experts. Whether we're discussing
casino software systems, patron data integration, slot and table metrics, creative development,
offer creation and segmentation, response metrics, or post-implementation analysis, we've got it covered.

You don't need to teach us what 'theo' is. We're casino people. We get it. ;)

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Strategy9's 2016 Annual Casino Email Marketing Survey Results

Are annual survey on email marketing in the casino industry is filled with insights and ideas to help you improve your email marketing program.


Creative Development

From concept to production art our graphics team will get your email looking great and getting responses. Or, we can repurpose your existing artwork for HTML email use. Do your own or use an ad agency? No problem. It imports easily into EmailIQ.

Mobile or Desktop

Using modern HTML design techniques, our email code is developed to work perfectly on mobile devices and desktop programs. No matter what tech your patrons use - Windows, Mac, iOS, Android - your emails will look good and get responses.

Made for Casino Data

Because we're casino insiders, we know your patron data has a huge impact on your marketing success. We make it easy for you to segment on your patron data, and can also help you update your databases with email response metrics and
survey answers.

Powerful Integration

Do you wish you could have automated email messages delivered to casino patrons based on gaming activity? How about bonus info, achievement progression, or other triggered emails? Our professional services
team can make it happen.



Powerful Integration

EmailIQ can integrate with your patron data allowing you to create powerful, individual email offers for your customers.

Highly Responsive

Modern email programming enables your email to be properly rendered no matter what device your customers use.

Easy Design

Whether you use our creative designers to create your email, your internal designers, or your external marketing agency, EmailIQ makes it easy to import your email content.

Real-time Analytics

EmailIQ is online and always on - meaning you and your team can have access to immediate, real-time analytics to see how your messages and offers are performing.

Tweak on the Fly

When real-time analysis reveals an insight you can immediately tweak your message or offer. Show tickets sold out before all the email is delivered? No problem... one click stops the flow.

Segments and A/B tests

Send different offers to different segments, or use A/B testing to identify which offer performs best.